The topics of my blog will vary. I'll talk about what makes me happy, what's currently pissing me off, stuff that annoys me, or just something I feel the need to bitch about… You've been warned. =)


I’m a Vampire Addict, so what?

Over the last few years I’ve developed somewhat of a vampire obsession.  I guess it originally started after reading the Twilight Series.  Who knew that a virtuous blood consuming supernatural being could be so damn sexy?  I know I’m not that only one who fantasized about taking his virtue!  Anyhow, I decided to dedicate this blog post to those actors who in my opinion portray the sexiest male vampires on film!  (Also, I do  not take credit for any of these pictures!  I just wanted to share the sexiness with everyone!)

Top Ten Sexiest Male Vampires




Count Dracula

(Gerard Butler)

Dracula 2000







Jasper Hale

(Jackson Rathbone)

The Twilight Saga









Edward Dalton

(Ethan Hawke)











Edward Cullen

(Robert Pattinson)

The Twilight Saga










Stefan Salvatore

(Paul Wesley)

The Vampire Diaries










William “Bill” Compton

(Stephen Moyer)

True Blood











(Allan Hyde)

True Blood








Louis de Pointe du Lac

(Brad Pitt)

Interview with a Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles








Damon Salvatore

(Ian Somerhalder)

The Vampire Diaries








And the winner is….


Eric Northman

(Alexander Skarsgård)

True Blood

Ahhhhhhh!  Honestly, is there anything about this Viking that isn’t sexy?  =)


Insomnia’s a Bitch.

So it’s nearly 2:30 am and I am honestly not in the least bit sleepy.  I feel like complete and total shit though and have for the past couple days…  Sore throat, sinus headache, and congestion are NOT a good combination.  Aside from being sick, today was great.  My boyfriend and I went to see I Am Number Four and it was really good!  I’m hoping that there will be a sequel considering they left so many questions unanswered!  Overall the acting was great and the special effects were really good too!  After the movie we came back to my place and watched television for a while, and now, here I am four hours later unable to sleep.  I’m trying to think of something to blog about but my mind is currently blank…  (It’s not so much blank, as it is that it feels like it is about to explode from sinus pressure.)  Anyhow, considering this headache has intensified over the past few minutes I guess that means it’s time for me to get off of here, turn out the lights, and attempt to sleep.  Six-thirty comes earlier than I’d like!

All About Me. No names included. :)

So I’ve decided to keep a blog but yet I’d prefer to keep my identity private because while I really want somewhere to vent, I don’t want everyone knowing my personal business!  So I thought for my first blog entry I’d fill out a survey and answer a few questions about myself that doesn’t give away too much, just in case anyone is curious after seeing my blog.  Here it goes!  (Feel free to add your own questions in the comments and I’ll answer those as well!)

Todays date–February 21, 2011
Hair–Strawberry blond with brown streaks.
Eyes–Greenish brown
You in one word–Complex.
Hobbies–Writing, spending time w/ my boyfriend and family, and sports!
Label yourself–I don’t think I have a specific label.  I love sports, spending time outdoors, and ALL animals but I wouldn’t call myself a jock or a tomboy.  I’m definitely much more feminine than that!
Play any sports?–I did in middle/high school.  Basketball & Softball.

Longest relationship–7 years
Are you single–Nope.
How much older do you date–I’ve never really thought much about it because I haven’t been single in a long time, but I guess ten years older would be my limit.  (unless by chance Johnny Depp is currently available, haha!)
How much younger–Umm..  Two years I guess.  I’ve never really been attracted to younger guys.

Book–I don’t really have a particular favorite.  I don’t read much anymore but I love a good mystery, drama, or love story.  Or any combination of the three!  I also enjoy vampire/werewolf books.  None of the kiddy stuff, please.
Drink–Non-Alcoholic: Diet Dr. Pepper  Alcoholic:  Midori Sour
TV show–I have several favorites!  True Blood, Criminal Minds, The Vampire Diaries, House, Being Human, Pretty Little Liars, Lie to Me, Tosh.0, NCIS, and South Park.  I have a wide variety of favorites, but overall I guess True Blood is probably my top!
Mythical creature–Vampire (I also like werewolves and zombie!)
Month–October!  I LOVE Halloween!  =) Plus I love all the pretty leaves.
Cartoon–South Park.
Comic book–Well since True Blood is now a comic book, I’ll say True Blood!

Fave band–I have several favorites:  Pink, Disturbed, Nickelback, Metallica, AC/DC, Pantera, Ke$ha, Def Leppard, Nirvana, and Eminem.  (wide variety yet again!)
Fave CD–A burned one in my car, I don’t have a particular favorite really.

Been in a fight–Several when I was younger with siblings!
Been expelled–Nope, I was the good kid in school.
Had detention–Nope.
Been arrested–Negative.
Had anger classes–Nope.
Had a therapist–Yes.
Done drugs–Never.  I’m not trash like a lot of the people in the area I live in.
Been on probation–Nope.
Failed a class–Yep.
Kissed the same sex–Never.
Skinny dipped–Yep.

You talked to–My boyfriend.
Kissed–See above.
Hugged–One of my sisters.
Punched–I don’t really remember.
Spent the night with–My boyfriend.

Dance–I can’t and I’m not.
Sing–I can’t and I’m not, but I do on occasion, especially in the car!
Draw–I can but I’m not at the moment.
Roll your tongue–Yeah, it was a requirement in some Spanish classes I took.
Write poetry–Never tried.
Double jointed–Yes.
A smoker–Never.
A drinker–On occasion.
A pack rat–Unfortunately.

You were a plant you’d be–A rose.  Beautiful but at the same time protected in case someone wanted to “pick” me.
You had a super power it’d be–I think I’d wanna be able to fly!
Could change yourself 1 way you’d–Get back into the same shape I was while in high school.
You could bang a celeb it’d be–Johnny Depp of course!
You could kill and get away w/ it, you’d kill–I would never want to kill anyone (unless they hurt my family) but there are SEVERAL that I’d like to beat the shit out of.
You were an animal you’d be–Some sort of big cat.  A tiger or lion I suppose.

Tea or coffee–NEITHER!
Rain or shine–Shine!
Cat or dog–Kitty cat!
Dinosaur or robots–Robots, that way I don’t have to worry about getting eaten.
Ninja or pirate–Pirate, but only if it’s Captain Jack Sparrow!  =)  (ok, enough of the Johnny Depp jokes…)
Kiss or hug–Depends on the person.
English or math–English.  I’m a spelling and grammar freak!
Sound or silence–Sound, lots of it!
Winter or summer–SUMMER!
Spring or fall–It’s hard to choose.  I love Spring because of all the new baby animals but I love Fall because of the beautiful leaves!
Boys or girls–Boys.
Stripes or dots–Dots.
Acoustic or electric–Electric.
Black or white–Black.
Preps or punks–Neither.
Tattoos or piercings–Either/Or, preferably both!
Blondes or brunettes–Brunettes.

Your best friend is–My lover.
You hate____the most–A few people that I guess I shouldn’t name here.  I’m sure they’ll have code names in future blogs.
Your pet peeve is–Spelling & grammar errors, lying, and ignorance.
What makes you happy–My family and boyfriend.
What makes you angry–Stupid people.
Your dysfunction is–I don’t think I have one in particular.
Your biggest fear is–Losing someone I love.
One totally random fact on you is–I have a fake tooth.
What shoes are you wearing–None at the moment.
Your lucky # is–I don’t have one.
Phrases you say most are– “I really hope that was a joke.”, “You have got to be fucking kidding me.”, “Seriously?”
Do you keep a journal–Not really anymore, but I guess this will technically be one.
Any bad habits–Unhealthy eating.
Religious beliefs are–I’m a Christian and I believe in God 100%.
Your most embarrassing moment is–Throwing up my first day of class my freshman year in Algebra II.  I was in an advanced class and the only freshman.  I wasn’t nervous just really sick.
Most missed memory is–Before my  family (aunts, uncles, cousins) all split in several directions over the years.
Where are you this very moment–My bedroom.
Fave quote ever–Love never fails.
Your life dream–To finish college, obtain my dream job, marry my love, and have a couple of beautiful children.  🙂
Best thing in your room–My LED tv.
Do you own a digital camera–I do!
Do you own an ipod–Nope, but my phone is also an MP3 player so I don’t need one.

So there ya go…  That’s me in a nutshell!  Any questions?  Feel free to ask, but don’t expect me to divulge too much!  =)